Business Accounting in English - At a glance!

  • 9 exemptions from the ACCA's curriculum (the maximum number of exemptions offered by ACCA in any accreditation) (regardless the prior studies)
  • The tuition fee includes all training exclusively in English and the training materials from ACCA-accredited publishers         
  • The courses are held only during weekends (4 days per course, 2 weekends, Saturday and Sunday).

ACCA accreditation

In March 2017, following a sustained effort coordinated by Prof. Catalin Albu (Director of the program) and the team of ASE professors who teach the courses, the ACCA has extended the full accreditation of the program for another 4 years (01.01.2019 to 31.12.2022). Thus, graduates continue to receive 9 exemptions (F1 to F9) from the ACCA curriculum. The entire team of professors is extremely proud of this success as this attests for the quality training offered in the program, and for the commitment the entire corpus of professors and current students have for a high quality training. The accreditation letter may be obtained from the program's coordinator, by email at 

The exemptions are offered to the graduates of the program regardless of the prior bachelor studies followed. Since the master's program takes the students throughout the entire syllabus of the ACCA, offering complete training in accordance with this body's requirements, students of any background are eligible to complete the qualification (hence are awarded the exemptions).